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We Are Scotlands Premier Weber Carburettor Tuning Specialist's.

If there is one area in which Seditas Cars stands head and shoulders above the rest it is the set-up and calibration of the iconic Weber carburettors. We have been re-jetting, balancing and setting-up the legendary DCOE side draught carburettor here at our workshop in Prestwick, Scotland since the late 60`s and between Mike & Lawrence we have over 85 years combined experience.

As a brief introduction, Mike Seditas first started tuning Weber carburettors as far back as 1967. Working on various Ford twin cam engines, building Mk 1 Escorts that won Scottish Rally championships with the legendary Mike Hibbert, progressing to tuning the famous BDA unit and worked closely with Boreham (FoMoCo) during this period.

Lawrence Seditas began working with brother Mike and started rallying during the early 70`s and continued until the mid 1990’s, gathering many notable results using both Opel Kadett and Escort mk1, 2 and 3 (the latter a very rare 4x4 version, fabricated in house at Seditas Cars)

At Seditas Cars we can fully strip and return to factory standard older DCOE, DCNF and IDF carburettors. We can also supply, install and calibrate brand new factory fresh units along with throttle linkages and manifolds to suit. We have several thousand Weber jets in stock, chokes, overhaul kits, air horns, ITG air filters and Facet fuel pumps.

The real talent is getting the very best calibration, balance and mixture from your carburettor set-up, a talent that only a rare few have left in the UK and Europe. As well as this, we can calibrate Weber Alpha Bronze kits and have several years of in house mapping experience using MBE & DTA units (both throttle body and carburettor, with several Scottish Class wins)

For further information and prices on Weber Carburettor Tuning in Scotland, please call or email us for information.

Weber Carburettor Tuning Scotland
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