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A Little About The Staff At Seditas Cars

Mike Seditas - Mechanic & Partner

Having served his time with Jaguar during the 1960`s and progressing onto Ford tuning and rallying, Mike has almost fifty years of classic and performance vehicle knowledge. One of the few mechanics left who is capable of working on vehicles as far back as the 1930`s (Talbot, Austin), decades of experience with Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ford and Weber carburettors and yet can still pop a new Garret GTX turbo onto a Lancer or Impreza without batting an eye. A dying breed.

Lawrence Seditas-Mechanic & Partner

Lawrence originally served his time with a local Ford dealership and progressed to working with his brother Mike as Seditas Cars was formed in the early 1970`s. Lawrence succesfully built and competed with various rally cars during the 1970`s and 80`s and has in excess of forty years experience maintaining and tuning virtually every model motoring oddity on the market. Over the past twenty years Lawrence has gained a huge amount of engine management diagnostic knowledge. A truely exceptional mechanic.

Michael Seditas - Service Manager & Remapping Technician

Michael spent a number of years hiding at university but was finally drawn into the family business in 1998. Michaels mapping obsession started with a Peugeot 206 Cup rally car on throttle Bodies & MBE with the customer instruction "make it faster..". He did, it won it`s class and has been hooked to a laptop ever since. Passionate about anything to do with electronic management, Michael has close working ties with Evolution Chips in Blackpool and 4Turbo in Katowice and has over a decade of mapping and datalogging experience.

Carol Ann Wilson-Office Manager & IT

Carol Ann has been with Seditas Cars for almost twenty five years and knows more about cars, carburettors, servicing and mapping than most dealer technicians. Carol Ann maintains all the mundane accounting and IT proceedures at Seditas Cars but is more than happy to sit shotgun if a mapping assignment requires it. Must be overdue a knighthood for mainting her sanity working with the four egos named above.

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